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Do something you love with the opportunity of a lifetime.


Why Us? Red Apple Rides is a brand and a tourism leader in the booming eco - tourism industry.  Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best tools, resources, strategies, and support in order for you to fulfill your desire to become a successful business owner.

The Demand: Cycling is at an all time high, as virtually every generation can utilize this environmental recreational past time. 

The Support: Our franchise partners are provided all the tools,  management support, inventory, training, and marketing campaigns to help them create a successful and innovative business. Our business model has been proven to be successful - let us share our secrets with you! 

Multiple Revenue Streams: There are multiple ways to earn revenue, and we have all of the support to aid you. 

Red Apple Ride University: We provide all of the strategies for training, marketing, and productivity. 

Low Start- Up Cost: With a low overhead, launching your own business is more affordable than ever. 

Contact Us Today: Start your journey today by contacting us for more information and we will be in touch soon.

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